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Round One-Masterlist

Hey everyone,

That concludes Round One of ASOIAF Big Bang.  We had a collection of really great stories submitted, please make sure to read and comment as the author's have worked really hard on them all.

The Lady of the Gift  by the_moonmoth

Kindle Fire With Snow-Part One  by breve

All The Songs of Winter by sparrowinsky

Westeros by diglossia_fic

Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken:  The Chronicles of Elia Martell by eenaangel

The Stranger's Road by oparu
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  • oparu

The Stranger's Road - part 1

Title: The Stranger's Road - part 1
Author: oparu
Artist: staringiscaring
Genre: mostly het with hints of femslash
Pairings/Characters: Catelyn/Ned, Catelyn/Brandon, Catelyn/Lyanna if you squint.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: none, AU
Summary:Matriarchal AU set during Lyanna Stark's rebellion against Queen Rhaella on Iron Throne. At the Tournament of Harrenhal, Brandon Stark is crowned King of Love and Beauty and disappears with the champion, Princess Rhaegara Targaryen. Lady Stark, the warden of the North, rides south to ask for the return of her son and is killed, along with her son, Brandon Stark, Catelyn's betrothed. When the queen asks Lady Arryn for the heads of Catelyn and Lyanna, Lady Arryn refuses, tearing the queendom apart.

Notes: This was terribly hard and great fun at the same time. I loved making up the words for a matriarchy, and wondering what that kind of society would be like. This story kept getting more complicated, so I made it two parts.

Many thanks to Eena for being so patient and staringiscaring for the mix! I'm sure it'll be fantastic.
Link to fic:
Link to art: pending!
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MASTER POST: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken: The Chronicles of Elia Martell

Title: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken: The Chronicles of Elia Martell
Author: eenaangel
Artist: skyclearblue
Disclaimer: Do not own.
Genre: (slash, het, gen, etc.) Het
Pairings/Characters: Elia Martell, Rhaegar Targaryen, Oberyn Martell, Doran Martell, Ashara Dayne, Arthur Dayne, Jaime Lannister, Aerys Targaryen, Rhaella Targaryen, Viserys Targaryen, Prince Lewyn Martell, the Lady of Dorne, various Kingsguard.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: (optional) 30, 150
Warnings/Spoilers: (delete if not applicable) Some ADwD spoilers, if you squint.
If they speak of her, it is only with remorse and pity. If they remember her, it is only because the horror of her end makes it impossible to dismiss her entirely. If they write of her, they write only of her frailty, of her marriage, and of her death- as if there was nothing else at all noteworthy of the pale, sick wife of Rhaegar Targaryen who met a most terrible end . . .

It would stupefy them entirely to know that she was an actual person, all of her own.

Dedication: To kellou24, for stepping up and being my beta-thank you so much!!!!! Also, to skyclearblue, for the beautiful art to accompany the fic.

Link to fic:
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Finale |
Link to art: Coming soon!


Title: Westeros
Author: diglossia_fic
Artist: cabepfir
Genre: Romance, Mystery, Horror; Slash
Pairings/Characters: Theon/Robb, Theon/Jeyne Poole, Theon/Ramsey Bolton, Theon/Jon, Gendry/Arya, Sansa/Joffrey
Rating: R
Word count: 20,439
Warnings/Spoilers: Half-sibling incest, multiple character deaths, ADWD canon abuse, past rape, past molestation
Summary: Everyone has a coping method. Sometimes it’s a puzzle, an unanswered question or a philosophical riddle; sometimes it’s stories made up in one’s own heads.

The Scott children have Westeros. It’s always there, in their imaginings, in their daydreams, in their nightmares. The game has a magnetism to it, a sort of sick darkness that pulls at one to play.

But now people are dying, one after the other, and some of the players are starting to wonder just what, exactly, that magnetism is.

Link to fic: LJ/AO3

Link to art: Here
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Master Post: All The Songs of Winter

Title: All The Songs Of Winter

Author: sparrowinsky

Artist: jaxzdice

Genre: Het and Gen

Pairings/Characters: Sansa/Sandor, Rickon

Rating: PG-13

Summary: The fate of the North is in the hands of children, but the North will always follow Starks. Rumors whisper of dragons in the south, and danger presses down from above the Wall, but Rickon and Sansa make of the world what they can.

Link to fic: Here.

Link to art: To be posted later.

Link to mix: To be posted later.

ETA: I think the link is fixed now.
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  • breve

Master Post: Kindle Fire with Snow

Title: Kindle Fire with Snow – Part 1
Author: breve
Artist: chacusha
Genre: Drama. Het, Gen.
Pairings/Characters: Arya/Gendry, Nymeria, Lady Stoneheart, Thoros of Myr, Brotherhood without Banners Ensemble
Rating: M
Word count: ~11500
Warnings/Spoilers: General spoilers for ADWD. This story is loosely canon-compliant through ADWD, but I have taken liberties. I also included some elements found in ADWD and excluded others.
Summary: Arya Stark rejects the nameless, anonymous lifestyle of the Faceless Men and returns to Westeros four years into the long winter. Cut off from the North by driving snows and treacherous winter seas, she must wait out the worst of the season in the Riverlands in the company of the Brotherhood without Banners. Bandits and broken men and the hardships of winter are not the only enemies, for Arya has plenty of her own demons she must battle. As a child, she lost almost everything, even her own identity; as a young woman, she is still haunted by those losses. Even so, she has a preternatural pack of wolves, a distant brother, and her past companion Gendry to help her on her way to finding herself again.

Notes: First in a series of three. I intended to finish all three for this project, and the third is actually almost complete, but the second demanded far more words than I have time to finish this term, so Part 1 will stand alone for just now.

Many thanks to our organizer Eena for her tenacity, dedication, and endless patience.

Additional thanks to my partner/beta for his input and for keeping his patience with me while I obsessed and plotted and wrote and deleted and rewrote and cried over this over the past few months.

Link to fic: Here
Link to art: To be posted later
Link to mix: To be posted later


Master Post: The Lady of the Gift

Title: The Lady of the Gift
Author: the_moonmoth
Artist: shan_3414
Mixer: the_moonmoth
Genre: het
Pairings/Characters: Sansa Stark/Sandor Clegane, Arya Stark, Bran Stark, Rickon Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Brienne of Tarth, Petyr Baelish, Elder Brother, Gilly, Hodor, various OCs
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~81,300
Warnings: Highlight to read (contains story spoilers): Sexism (canon-typical), violence (canon-typical), major and minor character deaths (on- and off-screen), murder, sexual thoughts about a minor, voyeurism, marital dub-con, non-con, sexual abuse, physical abuse, mention of miscarriage, strong language. Please feel free to PM or email me for further information.
Spoilers: This story deviates from canon at the end of book 4 (A Feast For Crows), however, as it's set four years into the future, and as I was reading book 5 (A Dance With Dragons) while writing, the off inadvertent spoiler may have crept in.

Summary: The Hound. How Sansa had wished for him, hidden away in the Vale. A child's fantasy, which she had put aside when it became clear that the only person who could save her was Sansa Stark. She had not thought to see him again.

Author's notes: This story originally started as a vague sort of writing exercise and just... ballooned. I have no idea where the rest of it came from, but it was a lot of fun to write. This beast took me five months to write and edit, and a lot of people helped me during that time, so bear with me a moment...
    Thank you to adeluxebluebright_ljaquenerdstefichan and breve for their help in the early stages, when they really made me think about the characters. Thank you to turus1 for spending so much time discussing Sandor with me. Thank you also to eenaangel, our fantabulous mod, for creating the asoiafbigbang in the first place – I’m pretty convinced I would never have finished without the structure and encouragement she provided.
    The biggest thanks of all, however, must go to my two wonderful betas. Thank you to shadow_belle, who was an enthusiastic sounding board while I was writing and the inspiration for the ending. She agreed to beta this while work and other RL stuff was coming out of her ears, for which I am very, very grateful. She is an absolute star. And thank you to ownsariver, my infallible equine, medieval, winter and big-angry-man expert, and the devil in my detail, for giving me the most incredibly thorough feedback, advice and ego-stroking. If I in any way look like I know what I’m talking about with the weather, weapons, or really anything Sandor-related, that would be down to her! I swear she made me add another 2,000 words to my total, but they’re probably the best 2,000 in there. Her enthusiasm and patience have been absolutely invaluable, and this story would not be nearly half as good without her.
    And after all those people helping me, I know it might seem hard to believe, but if there are any errors remaining, they are wholly my own ;) 
    Finally, while I will shamelessly admit that this fic is complete and utter id candy for me, any discussion or constructive criticism is most welcome.

Dedicated with love to the wonderful ladies of the sansaxsandor community ♥

Link to fic: Here
Link to art: Here
Link to mix: Here

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Round One Posting Schedule

Geez, can you believe we've finally gotten to this point?  I apologize for all the many delays, and thank you guys again for understanding all the family issues that came up.  The posting schedule for the Round One is as follows:

March 12th:
Fic:  The Lady of the Gift
Author:  the_moonmoth
Artist:  shan_3414
Mix:  the_moonmoth

March 13th:
Fic: Kindle Fire with Snow
Author:  breve
Artist:  chacusha

March 14th:
Fic:  All The Songs Of Winter
Author:  sparrowinsky
Artist:  jaxzdice
Mix:  jaxzdice

March 15th:
Fic:  Westeros
Author:  diglossia_fic
Artist:  cabepfir

March 16th:
Fic:  The Stranger's Road
Author:  oparu
Artist:  staringiscaring
Mix:  staringiscaring

March 17th:
Fic:  Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken:  The Chronicles of Elia Martell
Author:  eenaangel
Artist:  skyclearblue

March 18th:  (Last Minute Addition)
Fic:  Blood of the Direwolf
Author:  valkyrist

Authors, please use the following format in creating your Master Posts:
  • <b>Title:</b>
    <b>Genre:</b> (slash, het, gen, etc.)
    <b>Word count:</b> (optional)
    <b>Warnings/Spoilers:</b> (delete if not applicable)
    <b>Link to fic:</b>
    <b>Link to art:</b>

Authors, do not post your fics onto the community journals.  All fics are to be posted at the author's own journal, with a Master Post entry submitted to the community with the appropriate links.  Please do not post your fics ahead of time, make sure they are to be revealed only on your posting day.  If your artists are late in getting back to you, please let me know.  You may go ahead and post your Master Post, and just leave a 'to be posted later' message under the art link.  For those with a mix as well as art, please add another line to the above format for your mix link.

Also, I will be creating tags for individual authors and artists, as well as fic, so please be sure to tag your entries appropriately.

Example of a Master Post:  Here

-Eena, Mod
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Artist Final Drafts, and Posting Update

Hey all,

I'm still waiting on some authors to send me their final drafts and let me know on their posting dates. When that is done, posting will begin. The schedule should be up shortly.

Also, Artists, I would like to see some rough or final drafts coming my way soon, just so I know that you are up to speed with your assignments. Please send me a note, update, draft, or whatever at

-Eena, Mod
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Final Drafts-Format

Hey everyone,

I know I'm late, I must apologize. My father's been in the hospital since Friday, and well, this slipped my mind. I got a little time today, so here's the final draft format for all Authors:

Final fic drafts are due February 17th, 2012 give or take a few hours.

Please follow these instructions to submit your final fic. This way I can know where people are and where to put them in the posting schedule (so authors and artists that are done will go towards the beginning, while ones that need some more time will be scheduled towards the end).

IF YOU AREN'T FINISHED DON'T WORRY! That is why we asked for you to tell us if its complete or not, I will try to work those people that need more time later on in the schedule.

Included is a question asking what dates you can't post between March 10th and the 18th (this year's posting period).   Please let me know what dates work best for you.

Email to

Subject line Fic - Fic Title - Username - Complete/Incomplete

Percentage Complete -
Do you need time for it to be beta'd?
Days you can't post between March 10th and March 18th -

Username -
Title -
Word Count -
Type -
Characters/Pairings -

Then attach your fic as a doc, docx, or rtf format.